Lacquer storage box (set of 2)


Gifts are things that express the gratitude and affection of a business unit to its customers and partners. Popular gifts on the market such as hats, pens, fans, notebooks, ... and especially the lacquer box cut CNC patterns.

With meticulous depictions, elegant and small, firm shape, CNC pattern lacquer box is always the appropriate choice for business units to give to their familiar partners.

Overview of lacquer storage box :

Lacquer storage box is a gift box with special special lacquer lacquer designed by the average lacquer box factory, designed and supplied in large quantities to customers. The highlight of the product is the meticulously shaped cut lines extremely eye-catching and elegant.

Product description of beautiful lacquer box cut CNC pattern:

lacquer storage box (set of 2)
- Size: 20x13H6.5cm/25.5x16.5H8.5cm
- Material: Rubber wood
- Finishing:
High glossy lacquer lid, natural rubber wood body/matt lacquer inside
CNC cutting lid
More Info:
- Different colors and designs are welcome
- MOQ: 300 Pcs / sets

lacquerware vietnam: Tuong Binh Hiep Factory

Products of high-class lacquer box cut patterns with simple and elegant shapes with high-quality board material lacquer on. Box surface is not tight but rigidly shaped with flowers and leaves creating motifs that highlight the product. The body of the box is lacquered white and white on the outside. The box is hinged for user convenience.

What are the advantages that make the lacquer box cut CNC patterns become the perfect gift?

- Pattern-engraved lacquer box is a simple yet meaningful gift box: To make partners remember their units, business units need to have the most meaningful and special gift. The product of CNC cut lacquer box with traditional patterns can express the mind of the donor for the donor.

- Extremely quality machined lacquer box at Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer box factory: Being a factory producing high quality lacquer boxes, Tuong Binh Hiep always brings products with lacquer cut box designs with Beautiful design, durable and top preferential price.

Where to buy lacquer boxes?

Please immediately contact Tuong Hiep Lac Lac lacquer factory to receive dedicated, professional advice from the prestigious and qualified staff of Tuong Binh Hiep Company and choose a beautiful lacquer box, best suits the high-end lacquer gift box you want for your Customers.

Why choose a lacquer storage box from a Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer factory?

> Factory original price.

>> 24/7 exchange support for guest projects to be handled throughout.

>>> Customers will always have a unique model 1 0 2 as planned without having to change because the factory has full equipment such as CNC machines, Lazer, Print, Silk Frame and other typical patterns the workshop also has a team of workers over 20 years in the profession actively deploying.

>>>> Quality of lacquer, food hygiene and safety, certified by BV International inspection.

>>>>> Carpentry meets US and EU standards with certification from SGS International.

>>>>>> Guests receive intensive sample advice in contemporary and traditional style.

>>>>>>> Customers receive intensive design of brand styles from shape - color - pattern.

Added value:

+ Support packaging design and track packaging production progress

+ Free design and sample making for 7-10 days

+ Free packaging upon request

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